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Bitcoins4escrow has been operating since early this year . We are most known for our dedication and helping hand on ICQ. Where we have come to build trust with it's many users. we have had many Transactions with bitcoins and litecoins for items ranging from $1 to > $20,000.Bitcoins4escrow is a registered American company, with offices in

What is escrow and why is it provided on Bitcoins4escrow.com?
Escrow is a place of trust where funds or objects (in this case Bitcoin or Litecoin)
 are kept with a third party for a period of time until the deal is considered complete
 between two parties.
Due to the nature of Bitcoin transactions sent are irreversible. This means that
 once you send Bitcoin from one address to another there’s no way to force the
 receiving party from sending you the payment back. Unlike traditional currency services 

such as credit cards, bank transfers, and even PayPal, as a buyer once you
spend your Bitcoin you cannot charge-back the funds.
Irreversible transactions is one of the great features Bitcoin.
 It offers online retailers and sellers peace of mind over traditional payment methods,
 but at the same time it increases the risk for buyers spending their coins.
Buyers are forced to place their full trust in the seller and hope that nothing goes
wrong with their purchase.
This is where Bitcoins4escrow’s unique escrow service comes in. When a buyer pays for an
item Bitcoins4escrow will hold on to the funds until the buyers receives their items and
are happy to release escrow to the sellers. If the buyer does not receive their
item or it is not as it was advertised, they can apply to Bitcoins4escrow for a refund.
This process reduces the risk of Bitcoin loss and increases the trust between
Bitcoins4escrow will hold funds in escrow for up to 30 days before releasing them to sellers,
 providing up to 30 days of protection for buyers that choose to use our escrow service

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